About us

The Science Publication Network is a novel platform that supports the publication of all data that can prove or disprove a project. It is a home for the publication of reproducibility experiments and conference material, which would otherwise be withheld, across all scientific fields. It is a fast, open, fair and inexpensive communication of research results, based on an open access / open evaluation system where peer-to-peer review is authentic and continuous and publications can always be challenged by the entire community.

We believe that reproducibility problems arise primarily due to inefficient communication of the used methods, and the solution can be found in the discrepancies therein. Sadly, a couple of high-profile fraudulent cases have given science a “bad name”. In fact, non-reproducibility is a common occurrence and a natural part of scientific progress. We aim to eliminate the false link between non-reproducibility and fraud and help scientists everywhere advance in their research by improving communication of the used methods and promoting discussion on the reproducibility issue.