Dear Conference Participant,

The Science Publication Network is the place to share your conference presentations and posters. To download files, it is only required that you sign-in to this site. On the other hand, to upload your conference material you must additionally have your account activated.

Read the instructions below for more details, but if you have any questions, please write to, while citing your name, organization, and ORCID iD.


1. Ensure you have an ORCID iD

We use ORCID (Open Research Collaborator ID) to identify our members.

ORCID is an open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers. For more information visit

If you don’t have an ORCID, click here to create one. This will take 5 minutes. Once you have created an ORCID iD, please remember to copy the information (the 16 digit ORCID iD and password) for your own records for future use.

2. Activate your Science Publication Network Account

Click the Manage button on the top of this page.

At the Manage page,
  1. Ensure that all fields are specified correctly (First Name, Last Name, and Email). If you must, edit your information and click the Update Personal Details button.
  2. If your personal details are correct, click the Request Account Activation button.
  3. Sit back and wait for a confirmation email. The Science Publication Network team will process your request and notify you via email when your account is verified and activated.

3. Ready to Upload your Files

If you are signed-in and your account is activated, simply click the Upload button found on the top of this page.